Blizzard VP Quits! Many Others Leave Too! Starcraft, WOW & Overwatch All Affected

Surely career changes happen all the time in this world but when Blizzard loses a VP (I am told Hong Kong was the final straw) among other long term employees … Read More

Recluse Nerf, One-Eyed Mask, & Xenophage Changes (Patch Preview + Quest Bug) | Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

t’s finally happening. Recluse is set to be nerfed, alongside One-Eyed Mask. Today we’re discussing the patch preview of these weapons and exotics. Xenophage is also receiving a buff, and … Read More

Destiny 2 | SMG’s Are INSANE Right Now! – Unmissable Weapons & Crazy Powerful Builds! (Shadowkeep)

Destiny 2: INSANE SMG’s That YOU Should Try, Unmissable Exotics & Powerful Artifact / SMG Builds. Lets break down some of the top performing Submachine Guns and some of the … Read More

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