Overwatch: Buffed Rein Zarya is INSANE! – Orisa Meta is DEAD!

Orisa meta is dead Reinhardt Zaria meta is in

Overwatch had its huge 2-2-2 patch release which comes with many different buffs and nerfs. However, some of the bug fixes to interactions on tank heroes like reinhardt and zarya make them insanely powerful and may eventually lead to the death of orisa bunker meta!…

The History of Ninja – More Than Luck | The History of ESPORTS (Fortnite Halo PUBG H1Z1)

Ninjas history as a streamer

There is no gamer in 2018 that is more famous than Ninja. His journey to stardom started long before Fortnite or Twitch even existed and his career almost ended before it began. Before there was Drake and before there was Ninja, there was just a…

Destiny 2 | XUR’S NEW EXOTICS & GEAR ROLLS! Xur Location, Bounties & Pass Exotic | 16th August 2019

Where is Xur location exotics and bounties

Destiny 2: Xur Location 16th August – Where is Xur Today, NEW Exotics, Invitations of The Nine, Xur Bounties & Inventory (Season of Opulence: Where is Xur: 08/16/2019)

NEW MAX POWER LEVEL! 1000 – Leveling Changes – Prime Engrams | Shadowkeep DLC

Destiny new power levels and prime engrams at bungie

New Destiny 2 News about Part 2 of Bungie Director Luke Smith’s Massive “Directors Cut” Updates leading up to the Shadowkeep DLC! Bungie reveals changes for how to increase your Power Level!

Overwatch: Sombra & Orisa NERFED! – Brigitte Rework!

Overwatch Sombra & Orisa NERFED

Overwatch’s 2-2-2 role queue ranked mode is finally live and this comes with a host of new buffs and nerfs including t he introduction of Sigma! Sombra & Orisa have both been nerfed but others have been buffed including a rework to Brigitte! Let us…

Overwatch: BEST and WORST Heroes – Role Queue Meta!

overwatch 2-2-2 meta role queue

Role Queue 2-2-2 launches tomorrow so in today’s video we discuss the best and worst heroes for the role queue meta. Some of the shifts may surprise you, but if the live patch stays similar to how it was on PTR, it should be a…

FTC Hearing Exposes Publishers Bribing Influencers To Misrepresent Loot Box Odds

Streamers scam user into thinking loot boxes have higher drop rates

Loot boxes are rigged for the average user and promoted by streamers in exchange for cash and other items. Streamers get a higher drop rate and in some cases don’t even pay for the loot boxes.


The Division 2 eagle bearer

Welcome Agents. Today I want to tackle The Eagle Bearer Controversy. This topic is making the rounds on the socials and it’s a very important topic, especially when you consider that a big weapon pass will likely take place in the near future.

Apex Legends – Iron Crown Collection Event Trailer

Apex legends Iron crown collection event solos

Declare your right to rule – the Iron Crown Collection Event is live now! Stand above the rest in limited-time Solos mode, score unique cosmetics, launch into an adrenaline-fueled town takeover designed by Octane himself, and more.