The division 2 seeker cluster mine skill build damage

1.4 Million Damage Cluster Seeker Mine Skill Build | BTSU GLOVES Tested And Proven The Division 2

Another returning skill from the first game, the Turret skill is a a small device that fires at targets in its sights or targets chosen by you. These can be placed next to you or thrown. Assault Simplicity at its best – the Assault Turret can rotate 360-degrees and attacks targets with a machine gun. Incinerator This skill mod restricts the Turret’s rotational capabilities to a small cone of effect, placing a lot of emphasis on tactical placement. On the plus side, it uses a flamethrower, so if you’re looking for crowd control or want to quickly delete enemies who are funelling toward you then take the Incinerator mod. You can toggle this on and off. Artillery Pick a spot and this turret will launch explosives at it. This Turret skill mod will fire once per key press and its shells will launch in arcs, making it possible to hit enemies behind cover. This The Division 2 skill mod is only available to the Demolitionist Specialization. Sniper Long-range, semi-automatic, and relatively high-damage – the Sniper Turret mod might take a while to acquire a target, but won’t take long to down them. Seeker Mine The Seeker Mine returns from The Division with a few new mods. If you’re unfamiliar with this skill then the Seeker Mine is a self-propelled sphere that can target enemies or friendlies and deliver harmful or helpful effects. Like the Hive, these can be placed or thrown. Explosive The classic skill form pursues targets chosen by the user and explodes, staggering tough enemies. This can be dodged occasionally due to a short arming period before detonation. Airburst A slight deviation on the Explosive Seeker Mine, the Airburst instead reaches its target and unleashes a volley of explosions at their face. Mender Yet another The Division 2 skill for support Agent builds, the Mender Seeker Drone will release a repairing chemical cloud around a designated ally or yourself. This skill mod is only accessible through the for Survivalist The Division 2 Specializations. Cluster What’s better than one Explosive Seeker Drone? How about a series of them each capable of hunting down targets on their own and dealing explosive damage on arrival. These smaller drones are not as adept at tracking target though, and are thus easier to dodge. Drone Drones make their way to The Division 2 skills list and come in a variety of forms, all equally annoying for enemies to deal with. Some drones will hover close to you to provide support, while others will hunt down and harangue enemies into making mistakes. Here are the five Drone mods. Striker This aggressive drone variant is built for combat and will deal constant damage over time to its target, which you can select via remote orders. Defender As the name suggests, this drone is all about covering your posterior. Activate this skill and a Defender drone will hover by you and deflect bullets using microwave bursts. This is a short-term buff however, as not only will the drone lose battery for every bullet it deflects, the drone is also incapable of defending itself from bullets. You can also order the Defender drone to protect allies. Tactician If you need more intel than the Tactician mod is for you. This drone will fly high over the battlefield and survey the action, spotting enemies and highlighting threat. This drone skill can only be unlocked through the Sharpshooter Specialization. Bombardier The Bombardier drone strafes enemy targets with a cluster of explosions, dealing huge amounts of damage over a designated spot. Useful for tougher enemies. Fixer Like the Reinforcer Chem Launcher skill mod, the Fixer drone repairs armour over time, whether that’s for you or a chosen teammate. Fixer can also repair damaged skills

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