Overwatch for Nintendo Switch LEAKED! – Important Role Queue Update!

An Amazon listing for an Overwatch themed Nintendo Switch case licensed by Blizzard and Nintendo was put up and quickly removed today, leaking a Overwatch release for the hybrid console. … Read More

GameStop has added 14+ Nintendo Switch SKUs to their internal system

Another batch of Nintendo Switch SKUs have appeared in GameStop‘s internal database. All 18 of them do not have any names, and the they have placeholder dates. Usually, when GameStop does something like … Read More

Nintendo Switch “MINECRAFT” Console Unboxing! (Super Mario skins pack)

Unboxing Nintendo Switch Minecraft Edition bundle console. Japan exclusive. Super Mario mash-up skin pack. Super Mario Maker 2 box and Fire Emblem Three Houses Collector’s Edition.

Lootboxes Now REQUIRED To Disclose Drop Rate In Video Games! Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo!

EA, Activision & Blizzard all came out today to agree to disclose their lootbox drop rates in all future video games starting in 2020.

Nintendo Direct E3 2019 & Gameplay Interviews + More! – IGN Live (Day 1)

Tune in to see all the biggest reveals, trailers, gameplay, demos and more from the Nintendo press conference plus exclusive interviews. Times and segments are subject to change. E3 SCHEDULE … Read More

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