Blizzard VP Quits! Many Others Leave Too! Starcraft, WOW & Overwatch All Affected

Surely career changes happen all the time in this world but when Blizzard loses a VP (I am told Hong Kong was the final straw) among other long term employees … Read More

WoW Patch 1.3: Ruins of Dire Maul | Blizz’s LFG BACKFIRE, Epic World Bosses & Revamps | WoW History

World of Warcraft Patch 1.3, Ruins of the Dire Maul, was the games second major update, going live on the 7th of March 2005 – 3 months after Mysteries of … Read More

They Thought You DIDN’T Want It: WoW Classic DOUBLED WoW’s Peak – Industry Breakdown

World of Warcraft Classic just launched. The dust hasn’t quite settled, but the initial draw was absolutely massive, and it could hugely influence parts of the industry in the future.

Unboxing World of Warcraft Classic Press Kit Edition (Ultra Rare)

Unboxing World of Warcraft Classic limited press kit collector’s edition loot box: orbs, map, gametime card and post cards. First time ever trying this PC mmorpg. Thanks to Activision Blizzard … Read More

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