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Course paper report: how to write with an example

After the term paper is written and approved by the teacher, the cherished words “the work is approved for defense” sound and the time comes for a new problem - the search for an example of a report for the term paper, by analogy with which you can write your report. Defensive narration influences the assessment as much as the research itself, so it is better not to improvise, but to carefully prepare the speech in advance. The  service specialists can help you with this.

Structure and basic requirements for the report

Before writing a report, it is advisable to clarify how much time is allotted for each person and how the defense procedure goes:

  • the first form of defense - teachers arrange a mini-conference, when each student speaks to his classmates, and they ask questions,
  • the second form - the whole group listens, and only the teacher himself asks questions,
  • the third form - the teacher has a one-on-one conversation with the author of the coursework.

The defense may be attended by other teachers, including the head of the department.

The speech should not be too short - otherwise you will get the impression that you do not know anything on the topic, you have nothing to tell. But it is also not worth delaying too much: this will show the inability to highlight the main thing. In addition, speaking too long will create a problem for other students who do not have time to answer in the allotted time and will be forced to look for a teacher later.

The standard timeline is a speech of about 5 minutes, followed by questions from the audience.

The rate of speech is different for each person, so it is difficult to compare the time and length of the text of the report. It is best to write a report and read it aloud at a calm pace with a stopwatch. After that, you can shorten the text, or vice versa - add facts.

When writing a speech for defense, experts from recommend that you do not need to come up with anything new - just choose the main thing from the course book. There is a little trick on how to save time: work not with the text of the chapters, but with the introduction and conclusion, because the introduction already contains a general description of the work, and in the conclusion - the key findings of the study ...

It is better to start the report with the presentation of the topic of the work, even if you answer the teacher one-on-one and he can look at the title himself. You can briefly justify the relevance. After that, the purpose of the work is indicated. There is no need to list tasks.

The main body of the report is the research findings. They must be consistent with the structure of the work. Speaking about the theoretical part, it is enough to limit ourselves to 1-2 sentences. Most of the time should be devoted to personally conducted research on practical materials, to suggestions and recommendations.

You can end the speech with an invitation to dialogue: "Thank you for your attention, I am ready to answer questions."

There are no special requirements for the presentation of the report: this document is not submitted for verification, it serves as a legalized cheat sheet for the speaker. Therefore, you can choose any font you like. And its better to order presentation from professional like service. Of course, the leaf should look neat and readable (don't make the letters too small).

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