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Favorite iphone app

What are your favorite apps?

I use call recorder app to record iphone calls. It's my favorite app. It is perferct tool for recording important phone conversations. With this app I'll never forget names, dates, or places that were mentioned during the call. Never thought it could be so easy to do. It's a must have app for business.

My personal favorite in Elevate I use it for reading, writing, listening and math's. It is a really good and one of the top application in iPhone. Mobile app development has become so advanced that you can now get applications with top level advanced features like AI empowered search, voice recognition and others features etc.

Why not settling on games that is fun and at the same time your earning. Well it'll make suspense because of the game as well but dude just try it and it gave me hope while pandemic is real rn. When is the Best Time to Play?

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