The ULTIMATE Lee Sin Guide: BEST Tips to CARRY HARD and Rank Up | League of Legends Jungle Guide

This pro League of Legends ranked guide by Challenger coach, Panther, will cover every secret and gameplay tip you MUST ABUSE as Lee Sin to hard carry your games from … Read More

Learn 2 play Pyke in 10 mins, A beginners guide to Pyke’s abilities, runes and builds – SEASON 10

guide for preseason this time featuring Pyke support. I tried my best to include everything I know about Pyke whilst at the same time making it short and digestible. Let … Read More

How to Play Evelynn in Season 10 for Beginners | Evelynn Jungle GUIDE – League of Legends

Detailed Evelynn Jungle Guide for Season 10. Evelynn Jungle: tips, tricks, pathing, runes and Items included and more! How to Play Evelynn Jungle perfectly for beginners Evelynn Jungle Commentary Guide … Read More

SEASON 10 ASHE GAMEPLAY GUIDE – (Best Ashe Build, Runes, Playstyle) – League of Legends

Season 10 Ashe Runes: lethal tempo – triumph – alacrity – coup de grace (inspiration, free boots – approach velocity) season 10 Ashe build: blade of ruined king – berserker … Read More

Rainbow Six Siege: Void Edge Operators Gameplay Gadgets and Starter Tips

Watch Oryx, the new Defender, utilize his explosive strength to crash through walls, knock down his opponents, and climb up through open floor hatches. Then try to spot the real … Read More

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