Overwatch for Nintendo Switch LEAKED! – Important Role Queue Update!

An Amazon listing for an Overwatch themed Nintendo Switch case licensed by Blizzard and Nintendo was put up and quickly removed today, leaking a Overwatch release for the hybrid console. … Read More

Overwatch: MORE Role Lock LEAKS! – Huge Changes Coming? #overwatch

This is now the third leak by a credible member of the Overwatch community reporting that insider information informs that Role Lock is coming to stage 4 of the Overwatch … Read More

Destiny 3 Leaks. BUNGIE TEASES NEW ENEMIES! The Coming War With The Darkness (The Veil)

In this video we’ll be discussing the new appearance of the Destiny 3 pyramid ships in this weeks Xur bounty. The dialogue mentions the Darkness which could be the “Veil” … Read More

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