Leaks Confirmed Xbox Series X & PS5 Specs | Next Generation Hardware | Microsoft & Sony Playstation

The Xbox Series X is not only the next most powerful console. It will quickly become the best place to play most every game, much more powerful than the upcoming … Read More

The Last Of Us 2: More Release Date Evidence for February 2020! (The Last Of Us 2 Information)

The Last Of Us 2: More evidence for a February, 2020 release date! (The Last Of Us 2 Information) The Last Of Us 2 New Gameplay Finally shown! Gamestop Manager’s … Read More

#Xbox One “Official” KEYBOARD and MOUSE – RIP Controllers? #Unboxing #Razer Turret – #Fortnite #Avengers Hilarious!

Unboxing world’s first Xbox One S / X wireless keyboard & mouse $250 Razer Turret. Future of console gaming for Xbox and PS4 / PS5? Fortnite Battle Royale Avengers Endgame … Read More

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