Learn 2 play Pyke in 10 mins, A beginners guide to Pyke’s abilities, runes and builds – SEASON 10

guide for preseason this time featuring Pyke support. I tried my best to include everything I know about Pyke whilst at the same time making it short and digestible. Let … Read More

SEASON 10 ASHE GAMEPLAY GUIDE – (Best Ashe Build, Runes, Playstyle) – League of Legends

Season 10 Ashe Runes: lethal tempo – triumph – alacrity – coup de grace (inspiration, free boots – approach velocity) season 10 Ashe build: blade of ruined king – berserker … Read More

Ghosts are Secretly EVIL?! – Destiny 2 (Theory)

A Guardian’s Ghost is their loyal companion. Whether it’s opening Hive Runes, deciphering Vex confluxes, or delivering some comic relief, the Ghost has always remained one of Destiny’s most important … Read More

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