The Division 2 – Premeditated Shotgun Bloodsucker Build – TU6.1 – HARDEST HITTING TANK BUILD in D.C!

This build is DJGIODE’s Premeditated Shotgun Bloodsucker Build. All credit on build and open gameplay to him, and thanks again for letting me share this build with the Division community!!

Imperial Decree vs Emperor’s Courtesy (Best DPS Shotgun?) | Destiny 2 Season of Opulence

Today we’ll be comparing two shotguns. Imperial Decree and Emperor’s Courtesy. Both of these are new shotguns in Season of Opulence, and both can roll with some amazing perks.

Gunnora’s Axe Iron Banner Shotgun (Does Range even Matter?) | Destiny 2 Season of Opulence #IronBanner #Shotgun #GunnorasAxe

Gunnora’s Axe is the Iron Banner Slug shotgun, that has returned to is in Season of Opulence. Today we’ll be observing a number of rolls and how they performed. A … Read More

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