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This Super Mario Odyssey FPS Mod is UNBELIEVABLE | Performance & Stutter Fix

Lets take a look at some of the Best (and maybe worst) performance mods for Super Mario Odyssey on yuzu Emulator Mods Download (Mods now updated to work with Linux)… MODDING IN YUZU To add mods to a specific game, simply right click the game in yuzus games list, select Open Mod directory and structure your mod files similar to this example. Most mods will be structured like this: Mod directory/mod name/romfs or Mod directory/mod name/exefs Download the provided mod files, place it in the mods open mod directory, select Extract here (I use 7zip) Once added to the correct mod directory, simply right click the game again, select Properties and activate the installed mod. The same process can be followed in reverse for de-activating mods/patches

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